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Shimona Rose – ‘Tiny’s Song’ from the operetta ‘Paul Bunyan’

‘Beautiful Month of May’ – A collection of songs celebrating Mothers’ Day 2021

Tiny’s Song, from the operetta ‘Paul Bunyan’, by Benjamin Britten and W. H. Auden.


Whether the sun shine upon children playing,
Or storms endanger the sailors at sea,
In a solitude or a conversation,
Mother, O Mother,
Mother, O Mother,
tears arise in me.

For underground now you rest who at nightfall
Would sing me to sleep in my little bed;
I turn with world but grief has no motion;
Mother, O Mother,
Mother, O Mother,
too soon you were dead.

O never again in fatigue or fever
Shall I feel your cool hand upon my brow;
As you look after the cherubs in Heaven,
Mother, O Mother,
Mother, O Mother
look down on me now.

Should a day come I hear a lover whisper.
Should I stay an old maid whom the men pass by,
My heart shall cherish your guardian image,
Mother, O Mother
till the day I die
Alas, alas..

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